Some History of Our School and Community

The old Loma frame school house built in 1900 stood on the south ball field of the newer brick school built in 1910. Another account of the original building claimed adobe construction. This may be possible since the sugar beet company had a row of small adobe houses where the laborers lived. This building stood for many years after the newer building was in use. At the present time (2021) the 1910 building is being used as a private residence.

South of the two-story school is the community center building. The school used the kitchen in the community center for hot lunches. It was also used as a lunch room, gymnasium, and auditorium as the activity required. This building is presently being renovated.

Several families from the area attended school at the 1910 Loma Elementary for four generations. As in most rural areas the school was the hub around which the community revolved.

Ground breaking ceremonies for the new Loma Elementary School were held August 24, 1981. The new school is across the road from the old one. The plans were to have one classroom for each grade and the capability for expansion to two classrooms per grade. Classes moved in the new school in the spring of 1982, and the old school was abandoned.

The town of Loma was formed on the site of the old Maynard Ranch and was named Loma Station by the railroad men. Although it was never an incorporated town, around the turn of the century there was a canning factory and a Holly Sugar plant nearby. The sugar plant processed the sugar beets that were grown in the lower valley. The town had a lumber yard, hotel, blacksmith shop and pool hall, as well as two churches. There was a large train depot where trains made regular stops each day.